The open road

Crazier than the election this year, I quit my job yesterday without having another one lined up.

I underestimated how many questions people would have and how many eyebrows it would raise. Normally, when an announcement like mine goes out, we all speculate the reason for the abrupt departure. We usually surmise that it must not have been their choice, but they got to leave quietly.

While I don’t know what people are really thinking about my departure, or if they’re right to think I’m a little crazy, the future feels so much freer to me now. It’s far less certain, for sure, but it’s also an amazing feeling to have the world opened up again.

The support from my boss was a surprise to me. I dreaded the conversation and I didn’t know what to expect. We’ve never even met face to face. He made me feel so much better about the decision. Fortunately, we’d talked about my future before and it wasn’t a total shock for him.

Since the announcement, my friends and coworkers have been unbelievable, too. One note from a friend brought me to tears this morning. She said everything I needed to hear, so I want to share some of it, because it’s perfect.

“I’m glad you’re taking this chance now. You’re in a good place to make changes before getting locked into something where you feel like you can’t leave for fear of upsetting everything else.

Take the leap! Bloom and grow! Jump up and down or dance all the way out of the building if it suits you!

You will do so well and anyone who works with you or for you will be fortunate to do so. Much love and hugs.”

How great is that? I feel very lucky. And, I might want to, but I won’t look back. To quote Lloyd Dobler, my assault on the world begins now.


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